Allied Trade Association


March 23, NCAB/AALAS Meeting, Silver Spring, MD

March 29-31, District VI AALAS, Bloomington, MN

April 5, GVB/AALAS Meeting, Richmond, VA

April 25-27, Laboratory Animal Management Association, Seattle, WA

May 10-12, District IV AALAS, Indianapolis, IN

May 17-18, QUAD/AALAS, Uncansville, CT

May 18, NCAB AALAS Meeting, Silver Spring, MD

June 8-10, CALAS, Calgary Alberta, Canada

June 12-15, Laboratory Animal Welfare Training and Exchange, Hershey,PA


Welcome to ATA

The Allied Trade Association was formed in the late 1950's by a small group of vendors serving our industry. The idea was to have an organized body that could work with AALAS National regarding the needs of vendors exhibiting at national meetings. All of the long-time suppliers to our industry have belonged since the ATA's inception, and many have had employees who have served in an elected leadership capacity for the ATA over the years. (more)

ATA Executive Board Contacts

ATA President - Ed Russo

ATA President Elect - Johnny Wilson

ATA Immediate Past President - Teresa Woodger

ATA Secretary - Molly Romick
Charles River

ATA Treasurer - Bob MacGregor

ATA Membership - Pat Sikes & Valeri Lansford
Charles River


ATA Nominations - Dee Drye
Lithgow Laboratory Services

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