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a-tune software, Inc.

A provider of medical research software. Our suite tick@lab is a flexible, easy to use animal facility management software suite which provides compliance for IACUC, IRB, and IBC.

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Acorn Industrial Products

Acorn Industrial Products Co offers over 50 years of experienced field, technical and product application assistance. We offer full service before, during and after each sale with in-plant assistance. Acorn™ also offers demos and superior product specifications at all times for every caster, wheel, count & control system, machinery & equipment mount, metal working tool & component and material handing specialty component applications.

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Advanced Anesthesia Specialists
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Allentown, Inc

Allentown has been developing and producing patented, innovative animal housing products for 45 years. We assist our clients through facility design, layout, installation, training, and post-occupancy service. Our products include IVC Systems, Bio-Containment IVC Systems, Biological Work Stations, Animal Transport Units, Multi Species Housing, and a variety of Air Flow Control Acessories.

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Alternative Design Manufacturing & Supply Inc.

A leading provider of animal housing solutions. Known for creative solutions and a best in class warranty, our proven products help vivariums increase flexibility, optimize workflow, and maximize efficiency.'s picture
Ancare Corporation

Ancare has been showing we care for 50 years, where our top goal has always been to better serve our customers! A leading manufacturer of stainless steel and plastic products, we offer everything from bottles and cages to brooms and squeegees. Custom stainless, Rubbermaid, Metro and TeckTrak Contamination Control flooring.'s picture
Animal Care Systems

Animal Care Systems manufactures the original ergonomic high-density IVC rodent caging system. Our technology delivers cages and rooms free of noise, vibration, ultrasound, smells and allergens providing an optimal environment for the animal and human. Call us and find out why we receive the highest praise for our customer service.

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Animal Resource Management Inc

Manage your animal care facility with ARM, an easy-to-use, multi-user computer program; tracks protocols, animal orders and animal inventory; bill for purchases, services, and per diems.

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Aquaneering, Inc.

AQUANEERING is an internationally recognized leader in the manufacturing of Aquatic Housing used in medical research for Zebrafish, Xenopus, and other species. Aquaneering offers unmatched knowledge of highly advanced filtration technologies pioneered within the aquaculture industry and provides no maintenance filters with undetectable levels of ammonia and nitrites. Manufacturer of the largest Zebrafish systems in the world.'s picture
Art's Way Scientific Inc

Today Art’s Way continues to seek opportunities to grow organically and diversify by acquisition. The company maintains a focus on continually improving its products, introducing new products, expanding within existing markets, and entering new and diverse areas of business. Art’s Way remains an OEM supplier to Case New Holland and H&S Mfg. and markets its own products under Art’s Way, MillerPro, AgroTrend and Universal Harvester brands.

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Avidity Science LLC

Avidity Science is a worldwide leader in water purification systems and laboratory equipment for scientific research and healthcare lab facilities. Since its inception in 1969, it has built a leadership position in the laboratory research market through a unique combination of water purification and delivery, environmental monitoring, and service solutions.

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Manufactures cage washing equipment, laboratory glassware washers and necropsy fixtures. Our newest products, Sure-Flo Bedding Handling Systems and Activ Automated Dump Station (ADS) address many worker safety and ergonomics issues found in laboratory animal research facilities.

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Bio Medic Data Systems Inc.

BMDS offers an electronic RFID solution for accurate animal identification. Our injectable transponders can display ID and body temperature. They can be paired with our reader systems to display animal IDs, as well as collect data from other devices; calipers and scales, and interface with any software program.

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Bio-Serv has been a proud member of the research community and the leading provider of Nutritional, Enrichment, Medicated, and Critical Care products for use with laboratory animals for more than 40 years. We have cfollaborated with investigators and animal care technicians from around the world, and have developed numerous unique enrichment solutions as well as thousands of custom diet formulations.

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Brain & Software International

BSI provides enos, a flexible software solution for managing all resources in Lab Animal Facilities: space, cages, animals, personnel and more. We work closely with clients to review processes, work flows and requirements to deliver a configured platform implementation ready to be put into production mode.

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Braintree Scientific, Inc.

Braintree Scientific, Inc. has been supplying Lab Animal Research products and equipment to the Life Science Industry for 30+years. We offer unique products that are exclusive to Braintree Scientific, as well as a complete selection of the laboratory products you need and have requested to make your research successful.'s picture
Britz & Company

"To Enrich the Lives of Animal and Humans by providing innovative solutions to the biomedical research and animal care industries.'s picture
Carter 2 Systems Inc.

Formed in May 1985, C2SI has a full engineering and fabrication staff providing its customers with high quality products and services. We have completed a vast variety of products from small in scale to large in quantity. We pride ourselves in helping customers while addressing their particular needs.

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Cayuse Professional Services help customers maximize the value of their electronic research administration investment by leveraging domain expertise that comes from years of experience. Put high-value industry best practices to work for you quickly and easily with pre-packaged and custom service offerings for Cayuse Research Suite users.

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Charles River Laboratories

Focused on accelerating our global partners' research and drug development, Charles River provides research models and lab animal support expertise with a portfolio including husbandry, diagnostics, equipment and insourcing solutions. Our capabilities span the drug development process, allowing customized approaches to support single-study and broad-based programs.'s picture
ClearH2O Inc.

ClearH2O® is a Maine-based life science company meeting the needs of leading industry researchers, breeders and hatchery managers with products that hydrate, nourish and enrich animals’ lives. A strategic partnership with nutrition and food science allows us to provide cost-effective solutions to address unmet market demands, while saving time and labor. ClearH2O products are always consistent, eliminating nutrition and hydration variables.

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Clordisys Solutions Inc.

Provides a broad line of products to decontaminate rooms, isolators, pass-throughs, BSC's, HEPA housings and more utilizing chlorine dioxide gas, the safest and most effective method available. We also provide decontamination services on a one-time or routine basis for rooms, BSL suites, ductwork, and entire facilities.

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Colonial Medical Supply Company Inc.

For over 35 years Colonial Medical Supply's objective has always been to provide the most current technology and service in the Animal Health Field. The best equipment made deserves the strongest support service.

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Covance Research Products
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Euthanex Corp. d.b.a. E-Z Systems

Euthanex was the pioneer in home cage CO2 treatment with the Euthanex Lid System. Now, we continue our tradition of innovation with the introduction of SMARTBOX®Auto CO2 Systems, offering a range of programmable automation for the ultimate in efficient delivery of CO2.

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Girton Manfuacturing Co., Inc.

Girton started producing washers at our Millville factory in the 1930's. Girton is one of the pioneer suppliers of equipoments to Animal Researh Faciltities. We began manufacturing a full line of environmentally firendly washers for racks, cages, bottles, and miscellaneous items for the Laboratory Animal Care Community in the 1950's.

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Hilltop Lab Animals, Inc

Produces research animals including rats, mice and guinea pigs. Hilltop also provides contract housing including aged animals, precisely time-mated animals, tissues, blood products, and wide variety surgical procedures including catheter (vascular, bile duct, intra-gastric, urinary bladder) implants.

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Innovive Inc.

Innovive Inc was founded in 2004 with the goal of radically transforming the economics and convenience of working with laboratory animals. Our patented Disposable IVC Rodent Caging System empowers the husbandry industry with the option of eliminating traditional cage wash operations, freeing up capital funding, space, labor, and other valuable resources. Today, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the industry and a recognized leader in disposable rodent housing with ouver 500 installations worldwide.

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Jackson Laboratories
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Kent Scientific Corporation

Kent Scientific Corporation serves medical and research scientists as a worldwide provider of integrated solutions for pre-clinical research. As a leader in non-invasive blood pressure, physiological monitoring and anesthesia products for mice and rats, we enable our customers to achieve results that are fasdt, consistent and exceedingly accurate.'s picture
Lab Products Inc.

Lab Products manufactures the most extensive line of laboratory animal housing and care equipment in the world, ranging from the classic small metal or plastic mouse cage to a variety of highly sophisticated environmental control systems. Our proven, patented technologies address the everyday research issues of protecting laboratory animals and personnel, efficient use of available area, time and labor. The well-being of laboratory personnel and study animals through reliable environmental control is a primary concern. Studies compromised by the contamination of your animals can be catastrophic. Health and safety issues, as well as the success of expensive long-term research, have become equally important to research facilities.

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Labex of MA

LABEX of MA's primary focus is providing a source for Quality Reconditioned Vivarium Equipment. As the Global Leader, we provide animal caging and laboratory equipment to Universities, Research Centers, and Contract Institutions worldwide. We pride ourselves in our knowledge of the equipment we buy, sell, consign, or lease.

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Lane Industries Co

Lane Industries Company, LLC is a full service enterprise providing laboratory animal watering systems, which founder Timothy Lane, designed and developed in response to a market need for a more effective and reliable product. We pride our company on quality products, superior service and measurable result's picture
Lenderking Caging Products

A manufacturer of a complete line of caging equipment for all species of laborator animals. Lenderking distinguishes iteself by providing high quality and innovative solutions to animal housing needs. We strive to create products that offer solutions to typical problems found in the laboratory environment.'s picture
Life Science Products

Life Science Products Inc. (LSP) has been developing solutions for high performance architectural finishes for over 40 years. LSP’s unique Integrated envelope approach has focused on the life science, healthcare and bio-tech markets. Our distinctive, sustainable solutions based approach provides any client with high performance options, including; floors, walls, doors, and ceilings.

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Lighthouse Life Sciences

Lighthouse Life Sciences is dedicated to improving the reliability of biomedical research, increasing the welfare of laboratory animal, and protecting the health of researchers and lab technicians. We strive to do this by eliminating laboratory-associated infections (LAIs) and the pathogens that cause them through our platform of best-in-class cleaning and disinfecting technologies.'s picture
Lithgow Laboratory Services

Lithgow Laboratory Services (LLS) is dedicated to serving our customers needs offering a complete line of animal handling products. LLS, with our represented companies, have the ability to outfit your facility and investigators from the floors up.

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Locus Technology, Inc.

All of our software programs provide increased security, a wide range of customizable features, and a reduction of time and effort spent by participants in the research process in key areas such as report generation and data analysis. We provide adaptable, powerful solutions to previously unmet animal research needs.'s picture
Lomir Biomedical Inc.

The world's largest manufacturer of animal jackets, infusion and related restraint equipment; suitable for diverse applications. All Lomir products are designed with the comfort of the animal as the first priority; custom design enables us to manufacture to meet specific needs and for all alb animal species.

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LYNX Product Group, LLC

LYNX Product Group serves the Life Science Industry with custom Animal Care Washing and Filling Systems. LYNX's unique line of "Green" machines utilizes 1/4 of the typical water consumption with aggressively short cycle times. Our customer-oriented staff is available to assist you with all of your washing requirements.

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Marshall BioResources

Marshall BioResources provides purpose-bred beagles, mongrels/hounds, Gottingen minipigs, and ferrets for biomedical research with a focus on health, temperament, and uniformity.

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Matachana USA

MATACHANA GROUP has established itself as a benchmark provider of technological solutions for the Healthcare and Life Science sectors.

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Manfuactures premium laboratory bedding using virgin and recycled natural wood products. Brand names: Beta Chip, Alpha Chip, Aspen Chip, and our new SoftZorb paper bedding. Other products include Lab Grade Pine Shavings, Aspen Shavings, and Shredded Aspen. Irradiated products also available.'s picture
NuAire, Inc.

NuAire is recognized universally as the leader in providing laboratory professionals with reliable products for the most demanding environments: Animal Handling Equipment, Changing Stations, Biological Safety Cabinets, and Laminar Airflow products, with a variety of complementary products and systems to serve the needs of the laboratory community.

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Otawog Systems, Ltd

The Otawog team has more than 100 years of combined expertise. Their extensive laboratory animal experience has been applied to the development of many new innovative designs which enhance and simplify rodent gas anaesthesia and surgery.'s picture
Pharmacal Research Laboratories

Pharmacal has served the scientific and biomedical research communities since 1971. Responding to the needs of the industry, PRL has researched, tested, and manufactured its line of animal environmental care products to be as safe as possible for animals and personnel. Our sanitation program is dedicated solely to the animal care industry.

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PJ Murphy Forest Products

Offering premium Hardwood Chip bedding and enrichment for the lab animal community for over 60 years.

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PMI Lab Diet

PMI is the International supplier of the LabDiet and TestDiet products used in lab animal nutrition. All products are manufactured in our FSSC 22000 Certified plant in Richmond, IN. Diets are available in Standard, Certified, autoclavable, Irridiated, Vac-Pak and Micro-Pak. Custom diets are also available upon request.'s picture

PreLabs serves as a contract support partner to the global research community by providing discovery and preclinical solutions in various research models with a focus on non-human primates.

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Priority One Services

Your Project, Our People, One Priority. Priority One Services, Inc. is an industry leader in providing animal husbandry support services to a growing list of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, academic, and government organizations. We are committed to helping our clients be more productive through customer-focused, quality-driven solutions with trained and experienced personnel.

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Purina LabDiet

Purina Mills is the Internatinal supplier of the LabDiet and TestDiet products used in lab animal nutrition. All products are manufactured in our ISO9001:2008 Certified plant in Richmond, IN. Diets are available in Standard, Certified, Autoclavable, Irradiated, Vac-Pak and Micro-Pak. Custom diets are also available upon request.

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Quip Laboratories Inc.

Quip Laboratories focuses on helping our clients to achieve and maintain the highest levels of both biological safety and sanitary cleanliness in their critical operations. Our company offers clients an unsurpassed variety of proprietary prodeucts, equipment, monitoring, training and advisory services for achieving biosafety.

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Scientific Services Plus LLC

At Scientific Services Plus, our priority is servicing your laboratory equipment needs. Whether it be repairing, installing, or providing maintenance, we provide you with quality and reliable service. Our technicians are professional and will not disturb your environment.

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Shepherd Specialty Papers

Shepherd Specialty Papers, a commercial member of AALAS for over 30 years, manufactures an extensive line of premium bedding and cage liner materials for every animal housing arrangement. SSP also offers the best rodent nesting material and disposable enrichment items. SSP has utilized their years of material handling knowledge by offering a comprehensive bedding dispensing system.

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Building on their combined engineering strengths and commitment to customer support, SMC-Roe bring customers concepts to reality. The products range from Rack Washers, Tunnel Washers, to Vacuum Bedding Dispensers with object recognition technology and sorting conveyors. Each product has numerous features with ergonomics, noise pollution, and green principles in mind. Our systems are compact and compatible with other vivarium equipment. They include HMI Networking for status and diagnostics, as well as intranet coordination between equipment. We offer integrated systems with a validation protocol. Standard and custom products are available. Service contracts, refurbishments and upgrades are also offered.

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SoBran, Inc.

SoBran, Inc. a scientific and technical professional services firm that provides solutions for biomedical challenges. We provide proven results that assist our clients with being both safe and effective; enabling them to meet their goals and respond to new opportunities. Whether we are supporting scientists, managing logistics operations, protecting employees and physical assets from harm, our clients receive uncompromised quality and services.'s picture
Sterilizing Systems

Sterile Systems part of Vention has been providing quality EO Sterilization services since 1990. Over the years, we have grown from an in-house facility to a fully capable contract sterilizer with many customers around the US and North America. Vention Sterilization Services has four large chambers and a single smaller one. Because we have chambers of multiple sizes, we can easily handle loads from one cart to eight pallets, while still offering our customers the best value.'s picture
Suburban Surgical Company Inc.

At SSCI, we design, engineer and manufacture quality equipment. We research the needs of the marketplace, design the best products to meet the needs, and manufacture all our products to exacting specifications to ensure they will provide excellent performance over the life of each item.

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Synectic Resources Inc.

Since 2001, Synectic Resources has been providing the biomedical research
industry with a unique and effective approach to communication, through various disciplines that focus on training, marketing, advertising and presentation development for products and services.

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Systems Engineering

For over 40 years we have supplied laboratory animal watering systems. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with quality and reliable products and service. We appreciate the investment and value you have in each research animal. So, our philosophy is to design simple effective circulating systems that are easy to maintain and operate. We have always committed ourselves to suppling purified drinking water that is free of chemicals and contaminants that could effect your valuable animals and the research. A good example is our ReCIRC™ UV continuous circulating system , 24/7, that eliminates the use of harmful chlorination.

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Tecniplast is a world-wide benchmark for animal care products and related equipment.'s picture
The Andersons Bedding Products

Manufacturer of quality bedding, nesting, and enrichment products. The Andersons have been manufacturing corn cob bedding specifically for the Lab Animal Industry since 1962.'s picture
Thoren Caging Systems Inc.

For 60 years we have specialized in engineering, manufacturing, and injection molding of Individually Ventilated Cages. We developed the Maxi-Miser Ventilated CAging System in conjunction with The Jackson Laboratory in 1978. We offer a large selection of IVC cage systems, cage sizes, HEPA air filtration systems, mobile workstations, accessories, and aquatic housing systems.'s picture

Transnetyx Automated Genotyping is fast easy and accurate. With more than 50 million successful reactions, Transnetyx genotyping services are designed to eliminate the tedious process of extracting and testing DNA so researchers and labs can get back to what is most important - their research.

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Unconfined Systems

Unconfined Systems, LLC provides engineered entrapment prevention devices, procedures and processes equipment, such as bulk autoclaves and rack washers and related equipment, in the modern animal facility. The E2P product lines promotes safer working environment and improves facility equipment operational efficiencies.

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VetEquip, Inc.

VetEquip develops the world's finest and most progressive anethesia delivery systems and pollution control devices for the lab environment. Recognized as the number one, worldwide provider of inhalation anesthesia systems, VetEquip continues its 30+ year tradition of innovation and dedication to the safety of patients and investigators in research.'s picture
ViraTek Inc.

ViraTek, Inc. produces the original Sanitizing Misting Tunnel that applies sanitizing mist to crates of animals, feed, bedding, and supplies entering facilities. The Misting Tunnel saves time, money, and eliminates hand-spraying deficiencies. ViraTek provides Wash-Off Labels that dissolve, Spray Bottle Holders, Forceps Decon Stations, Vital Oxide and an Anti-Microbial Coating.'s picture
Zeigler Brothers Inc.

Founded in 1935 by brothers Ty and Leroy Zeigler, the company originated as a local producer of poultry and livestock feeds. In 1967, Dr. Thomas Zeigler (son of Leroy) assumed leadership as President and changed the strategic direction from commodity feeds to emphasis on research and development of specialty animal and aquatic diets.